Generic Propecia

Propecia is a medication which is given to treat hair loss. This is a condition many suffer from. Both men and women can develop it. It can be embarrassing and can make them feel less attractive which can be hard on them emotionally. Many believe the way they look is very important. They also appreciate the way they are treated by the world at large if they look good.

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Like many drugs Propecia has side effects for some. One of the more serious ones which has been reported is sexual dysfunction in some men. This should not be taken lightly. This problem causes others including discord within relationships. It might not even be reverseable. Before deciding to take Propecia you should figure out if your hair loss is something you can deal with another way. You might prefer it over risking serious side effects from this drug.


If you are taking Propecia and think you may be suffering from impotence or other sexual problems because of it you should contact your doctor immediately. Any drug side effect should be brought up anyway but this one is pretty serious. It could even be permanent so don’t just hope it will resolve itself. It may not and while you’re waiting things could be getting worse. Your doctor may tell you to stop taking Propecia. If this happens definitely obey because your doctor knows whether or not side effects should be risked.


Sexual dysfunction affects men and their partners equally but in different ways. If your partner doesn’t realize what’s going on they could begin to thing you don’t desire them. That is going to breed resentment. They may be more supportive if they realize it’s a medical issue but only if you communicate this fact to them. It might not be comfortable for you to talk about it but not doing so could spell the end of your relationship since intimacy helps keep your bond strong. Communication is part of intimacy as well. This is not just a physical thing. There is an emotional aspect to it.


There is a stigma attached to sexual dysfunction which may make you feel funny talking about it openly. Society has long equated a man’s masculinity with his ability to produce children and to have sex in general. It is also believed that sick or old men are the only ones who have this problem. None of this is true but it doesn’t spot people from believing it. You may believe it yourself in fact. You need to remember that it’s a medical condition, though, and there should be no shame attached to it just as there isn’t with other conditions. It is also more common than you might think since men aren’t talking about it. You probably know men who have it but just don’t tell you. You are definitely not alone. You are also not out of luck. There are many treatments. Even if none of them work for you there are other forms of intimacy. You can still have a strong relationship if you’re willing to put forth the effort. You don’t have to give up on the idea of having a partner. If you have one already you aren’t going to automatically lose them either.

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