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I think Viagra is the best way to maintain a hard and lasting erection

Peter Holmes

Viagra is no doubt a wonder drug. At the ripe old age of 55, it has brought me a new lease on life. I thought my glory days were long gone, but luckily my mates on my cricket team let me in on their little secret. They all had great reviews and reported to me that they had experienced minimal side effects, which is no doubt a big concern when deciding to try any new drug.

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I asked them how they got it, some said they went to the doctor, while other of them had said they purchased it online at It is totally legal in Australia, which quelled my fears very much. I decided to do some research myself to find the best avenue to head down myself. My research turned up that pills bought online could possible have adulterants, or impurities since there isn’t a very good way to trace their origin. This helped me make the decision to go and visit the doctor. Within a week, I had my note from the doctor sent directly over to the pharmacy. They were discreet and didn’t even mention out loud what I was picking up. I appreciated this very much, as I wouldn’t want it publicly announced that I’m purchasing erectile dysfunction pills!

So far, so good.

Now it was time for the trial run with my wife. She was apprehensive at first, as she had heard that side effects could vary. I let her know that severe side effects are most common in those with high blood pressure, which luckily is something I haven’t had to deal with in my own personal history. She then told me if it lasted for 4 hours I’d have to deal with it myself! Luckily that didn’t happen and we had a great old time reliving the intimacy of our youth. What a great feeling it was to feel young again! I was elated with the results, and the process of visiting the doctor had been worth every penny. Now, I take Viagra every weekend for the thrill, and I find that amount of frequency between sessions prevents me from building up any sort of tolerance. I’m hoping it doesn’t come back to hurt me in the long run.

Side effects

To be safe, I am always on the lookout for any negative side effects that could be indicators that it’s time to slow down or stop my usage altogether. I’ve only once had it make me nauseous, and that didn’t happen for 3 hours after I had taken it so I’m not even sure if that was the source of the nausea. I’ll be sure to look out for the other side effects too as they are many and can be indicators of more severe health problems, as one I’ve heard that a friend of a friend actually suffered a stroke from the medication, which is extremely frightening to think about. Luckily he has had a strong recovery and is back in action now.

Overall, I feel like Viagra is something that has really increased my overall quality and enjoyment of life

It feels like I’m able to get back part of my youth once a week, and it isn’t illegal and isn’t expensive. All you have to do is take a pill. I would recommend it to anyone else who feels like their sex life is fleeting and needs a bump to get back to where it was before. It’ll make you feel like a man again and ready to experience exponentially more pleasure than without Viagra. Be sure to do the research yourself though before you try it. Everybody is different, and many of us take different medications for different ailment. Even if you don’t purchase domestically through your local pharmacy, medical consultation in my mind is an absolute must to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for everybody involved.

Nobody wants to have a bad reaction and burden their lover with caring for them during a time that was supposed to be fun and exciting, and new! Do your due diligence and give it a try if you think you meet the criteria to take Viagra!

I hope this article helps someone out there make a more informed decision on whether or not to use the product. I know I was hesitant at first, but seeing as so many of my friends and other locals in the community have benefited from it, it feels like a no-brainer with my criteria. If I have any parting tips to leave with all of you, it’s to stay hydrated more than usual both before and after you take the pill. You’ll burn a lot of energy and lose a lot of fluid, in more ways than one! Have fun out there and stay safe folks.