Cialis Soft: Men’s Solution For Quicker And Longer Erection


Are you having problems with erection? Are you the type that keeps your partner waiting for a little longer? Getting hard can be difficult sometimes and you may have to wait a little longer than normal. Most men get embarrassed when in bed with a partner, and as usual this experience kills their morale and confidence. Well, there is good news for you today especially if you are among the victims of this situation. You won’t have to wait any longer if you are reading this. Cialis soft guarantees a spontaneous erection, the problem of getting hard shouldn’t stress you any longer. With Cialis soft tab, you can get hard in 15 minutes or less. Cialis is a super Viagra that will give you the fastest and long lasting erection to enable you to enjoy sex than ever before.

If you have tried the generic Cialis, perhaps you had the experience of waiting a little longer may be up to 60 minutes or more. The new Cialis soft tabs is different and works miracles. It contains Tadalafil Citrate compounds that dissolve in the mouth (under the tongue) for easy and quick absorption in the blood stream by the blood vessels under the tongue. This is what makes it different from other tabs that have to be swallowed and thereafter they still take time before they are digested in the body. At times, when swallowing, the pills can get blocked along the digestive tract.

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What is the recommended dosage for Cialis soft?

The recommended dosage for Cialis soft tabs is 10 mg which is equivalent to half a pill. The pills are small lozenge tablets with various sweet flavors that include banana, mint, lemon and strawberry. Normally, the drugs are provided in 20 mg but are easy to break such that you only take half of it.

How about the usage?

Well, simply place the tablet under the tongue 10 to 15 minutes before you get into action. Immediately, the active content (Tadalafil Citrate) will get absorbed in the blood vessels found under the tongue thus eliminating the longer process of swallowing and chances of it getting blocked in the digestive tract. As soon as the tabs gets absorbed in the blood, you will feel stimulation in less than 15 minutes and an erection.


As you engage your partner in foreplay, the effect of erection will help you get in the mood faster and for sure you will enjoy a longer sex time. Do not overdose and as usual, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking the medication. As you enjoy sex, don’t forget to find out about the predicaments of mixing the pill with other medication or worse still with alcohol.