Cialis – One of the Most Popular Erection Drugs

There are many medications for erectile dysfunction available to Australian men. Ten percent of men, over the age of 40 in Australia suffer from erectile dysfunction, and many men seek treatment for this problem. Cialis is one of the top medications prescribed to treat difficulty achieving an erection. Cialis contains the active ingredient Tadalafil, and it is the longest lasting medicines, for treating erectile dysfunction. Cialis is also one of the only medications, that you can take as a daily dose. By being prescribed Cialis in a 5 mg dosage, you should see the effects of the medication 24/7, when taking daily. This medication works for 82% of the men who take it, and has the lowest number of side effects for treatments of erectile dysfunction. Cialis works by relaxing the muscles found in the walls blood vessels, allowing blood flow to certain areas of the body. When taking Cialis, you should make sure to take your prescribed dose, before engaging in sexual activity, but do not exceed more that one dose per 24 hour cycle. The medication works by allowing you to get an erection, but it does not create and erection, you must be sexually stimulated in order to achieve a full erection.

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The following list is compiled of medications and situations, and if any apply to you, you should make sure to mention them when asking your doctor for Cialis;
– You have a heart condition and/or taking nitrates for chest pain;
– You have liver or kidney problems;
– You are taking blood pressure medication;
– You have blood cell disorder;
– You have bleeding disorder;
– You have retinitis pigmentosa;
– Recently, you have had a stroke or heart attack;
– For health reason you have been told not to engage in sexual intercourse;
– You have a stomach ulcer
– There is a physical deformity with your penis;

Cialis side effects
Some of the side effects reported when using Cialis are as follows: dizziness, flushing, headache, nausea and diarrhea. If you have accidentally taken more than prescribed, contact poison control immediately.
Cialis works within 20 minutes of taking the medication. Full cycles of sexual activity can be achieved for up to 24 hours, if taking Cialis on a daily dosing schedule. You can now avoid the embarrassing circumstance of being unable to achieve an erection when beginning a romantic interlude.

Often Australian men suffering from ED suffer psychological issues, from being unable to achieve an erection and sexually satisfy their romantic partner. You romantic partner will thank you for taking the time to evaluate your issue with your erection and finding a solid cure. Sexual stimulation is a critical part of long lasting relationships, and the closeness achieved by being able to share affection and love in a sexual way keeps couples closer. Long relationships, usually have a close bond, and sex is a expressive way to achieve this bond with your partner. Couples enjoy the spontaneity of Cialis on a daily dosing schedule. By taking this medication you are able to achieve erections 24/7, just like the good old days!