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Allow me to be quite clear when I say that I thought Viagra was a hoax. As if there was some magical medication out there that could be the answer to all of my woes, some special pill that would make my erectile dysfunction a thing of the past. There was no way I was going to try it and allow myself to be disappointed and let down once again, not this time. That was until my friends pressured me into doing so. They nagged, and nagged, and nagged, and nagged. They nagged at me endlessly until I finally made an appointment with my doctor to talk about my options, and he suggested I give Viagra a whirl.

Of course, I was skeptical. I was set in my mindset that this wasn’t going to work, would be money out of my wallet that could have been better spent elsewhere, and was ultimately a complete and utter waste of time. I could not be happier to report that I was wrong, and boy, was I ever. My doctor gave me what I needed, sent me home, and I decided to give it a test run. I popped a pill in my mouth, and I waited. I waited some more, rolling my eyes and scowling to myself that this wasn’t going to change a thing, and then I felt it. I felt an erection coming on, something I hadn’t felt in quite some time, and low and behold, it was firm. Was I dreaming? Was this really happening to me, the guy who hadn’t been able to muster up anything for years? I invited the lady friend I had been seeing out to dinner a few nights later, with hopes of heading back to my place for a glass of wine afterwards. Naturally, what I was really hoping for was to be able to really give this a go, but I wasn’t about to force anything. I was still somewhat nervous and hesitant, after all. After dinner, we made our way back to my home as we had planned, and eventually, one thing led to another and we found ourselves in bed together. During a quick stop in the bathroom on my way to get the wine from the cellar, I had taken Viagra in hopes of the same result I saw a few days prior. Bursting with joy inside, I got what I had hoped for. I was erect, and I was firm, as firm as I would have been had I been able to perform naturally without the need of medication. Moments later, my final worry subsided. I was firm enough for penetration. This was really happening to me.

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My sex life was back, and I felt like a whole new man, all thanks to Viagra. I was able to pleasure myself and my partner the way any good man should, and I was able to sustain a hard erection for a very lengthy amount of time. This was the best moment of my life, at least to date, and I couldn’t have been happier. Thank you, Viagra, and thank you, my wonderfully annoying friends.