Premature ejaculation – will Priligy cure it?

Priligy - as premature ejacuation treatment
Priligy is used to treat symptoms of premature ejaculation in men, and is known under its genetic name as Dapoxetine. Priligy acts on the Sympathetic Nervous System, which is the system in our bodies that is responsible for sending messages from nerve to nerve to nerve. Serotonin is the substance that the nerves use to send the messages to each other. What priligy does is stop the Serotonin from doing this, which in turn would stop the messages between the nerves that tell your body to ejaculate. This is commonly referred to as a general category of medications called SSRI’s or Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors.

Priligy can be taken by men from ages eighteen to sixty four years old.

Priligy is a fast acting medication and needs to be taken from one to three hours prior to sexual activity. This medication should only be taken when it is needed and not as an every day routine. Priligy comes in a tablet form, and should be swallowed and not chewed because it has a very bitter taste. The starting dose commonly recommended is one 30 milligram tablet as it is needed. Your doctor may raise your dose up to 60 milligrams if 30 milligrams is not effective enough. Priligy is expected to last from one to two hours after being taken orally. Priligy may cause some drowsiness so you do not want to drive or try and operate any kind of machinery when taking it. It is considered to be a schedule H drug and is not found to be habit forming in any studies.

Some patients have side effects when taking Priligy.

You may get a headache while taking it, as well as you may feel dizzy. Some people experience feeling lightheaded when taking this medication as well as having some confusion. Blurry vision and ringing or buzzing sounds in ears have been reported as side effects when taking Priligy. Some patients report feelings of nervousness and sleeplessness from taking this medication. Priligy can cause excessive sweating, diarrhea, or high blood pressure. Fast pulse or irregular heart beats have also been reported when taking this medication. You may experience tiredness and or a dry mouth feeling.

Some patients should not take Priligy at all.

If you have kidney disease or liver disease you should not take Priligy. Patients with allergies to any of the ingredients listed in priligy should also not take it. Any patients with pre existing heart beat problems or disorders should not take Priligy. If you frequently experience fainting or loss of consciousness you should not take Priligy. Patients should not take this medication if they have heart failure or glaucoma. Certain medications can interact with Priligy negatively. Patients currently taking Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors or MMOI’s should not be taking Priligy. If you are currently taking Thioridazine or any other Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors commonly referred to as SSRI’s you should also avoid taking Priligy. Patients taking any strong CYP3A4 inhibitors at this time should not take Priligy due to interactions as well.

Priligy – first choice drug against Premature Ejaculation

Priligy online in AustraliaMany men out there suffer from premature ejaculation (PE). This is a disorder that is characterized by an inability to prevent rapid onset of an orgasm during sex. This may limit the amount of enjoyment that men and their significant others can get out of sex. There are some men who may even notice that they lack confidence in their sexual abilities thanks to PE. This is why many people will want to try to find a way to limit the effects of premature ejaculation.

Fortunately, there is a way for men to control whether they feel these symptoms during sexual intercourse. Priligy has been designed to help men cope with some of these effects and achieve better results when they do decide to have sex. It may help for them to do a little research that can uncover more information about how Priligy can work for their needs. Some men may be surprised to learn that this drug was actually designed originally as an antidepressant. It is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), which puts it in a broad class with other anti-depressants out there. But it does have some specific features that will make it unique among many other types of drugs out there. There are many people who have discovered that this drug is fast acting, which is rare for a drug in this kind of class. Most other antidepressants will tend to have an extended release, which will unfold over time. But this means that the drug itself has been redesigned for use with men who currently suffer from the effects of PE. There are a few distinct advantages that men may experience when they try this substance out for themselves. They will notice that they are able to simply last for a longer amount of time when they engage in sexual intercourse. This may lead to a more satisfying relationship that they have with their significant other.

Since the effects of Priligy are fast acting, men can actually choose to take the drug shortly before they have sex. This can give them the freedom that they need to choose when they want to have sex at all. Many people will also be glad to know that there are relatively few effects when it comes time to take this pill. It has been found to have little or no effect on the heart rate of men who have taken it. This should give people the confidence that they need to try it out for themselves. Any interested men should talk to their doctors soon, who may be able to provide the support that they need.

Premature ejaculation

Generic PriligyOne of the largest problems men face is in the realm of sexual arousal and premature ejaculation. This is something that can be a problem at 18 or even late into their 60’s. However, where premature ejaculation is concerned, that person doesn’t need to suffer anymore. That person doesn’t need to feel self-conscious and the experience they give their significant other will be even better. Priligy is the key to making it past this hurdle and to forget about premature ejaculation forever.

Dapoxetine against Premature ejaculation 

Priligy, also known as Dapoxetine, is a treatment for premature ejaculation. Its one of a kind and already has a large success rate over many users in many countries. During its use it can help a man last two to three times as long as they do now. That’s not just a little bit of time like an over the counter product can provide. This is a safe solution to extend ejaculation two to three times the normal time. Priligy is a medication that rapidly enters the body. It also rapidly eliminates itself. While you may wonder if something like this would cause anything to happen to your body in the long term, Priligy has no lasting side effects. In the short term it has no more side effects than someone taking a simple medication for headaches.

In 2008 this amazing treatment entered the consumer market in many different countries. Moving through Europe and even in use in Australia, there have been many men who have already used this product successfully. After just a few uses, Priligy earns a lifetime customer, because of its effects and how it helps men in the bedroom grow to become more confident outside of the sheets. Priligy’s closest cousin is a normal Antidepressant. It has such a similar chemical formula that the only reason it can’t be used as Antidepressant is how fast it eliminates itself from the body. Antidepressants are one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the world. The side effects are so minimal that the patient doesn’t have any worries ahead of them. Again, because of how quick it eliminates itself, the side effects are almost zilch! Priligy is typically a white powder that is water-soluble.

Priligy online

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Priligy – how to use

The application is through the mouth. It typically works with in an hour of taking the medication. Within three to four hours of taking it, its gone from the system. One of the biggest problems men face is now simply solved and can be managed without any hassle from the consumer. This is the product for you to bring your life from a self-conscious fear to full confidence in the bedroom.