Is your marriage becoming cold? Well this means that you are not satisfying your partner. The problem can be managed easily by using kamagra a generic of Viagra .It comes in form of tablets and jelly. It’s used to treat erectile dysfunction. This is a condition associated with low blood flow in the penis. The medication is used to increase blood flow in the penis making the sexual intercourse enjoyable. It benefits men to erect stronger and stable during sex, so this means that if men have a partner, she will appreciate a lot.



How to use kamagra

There are several types of this medication, but the most used is pills and jelly. It’s not advisable to just use it the way you want, because it’s accompanied with a lot of side effects. It’s advisable at some point to consult doctor or pharmacist on how to take drug. This medication must be taken when applicable. It should be taken 1 hour before sex. When taking it, you must make sure what you are targeting is there, because it can drive you crazy.


Kamagra comes in different strength, there is 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. You should bear in mind that it works different in patients.
Somebody can take 25 mg and work better and another one can take the same and fail to work. Basically you can start with lowest dose possible so as the body to adjust with the mechanism of action of this medicine. When 25 mg will not work you can opt to use 50 mg and if 50 mg will work take 100 mg. There is a certain duration you should leave before you take another strength, For instance 50 mg goes for about 4 to 6 hours, whereas 100 mg takes about 24 hours before it gets eliminated from the system.

Kamagra side effects

• It can lead to sweating
• Headache
• Stuffing nose
• Not to see well
• Back ache
• Painful erection
• Feet may swell
• Funny sound in your ears

How to buy Kamagra online

Nowadays everything has turned digital, you can order and buy goods online. When buying this medication you can first consult your doctor, so that he can prescribe the best strength of kamagra that fits you, depending on your symptoms and healthy. If you have prescription from registered medical personnel you can order the medicine directly from online pharmacies. Lastly you can pay for the ordered medicine and arrange for the delivery. Most of the time when you buy product online the delivery is free.

Cheap kamagra in Australia

Kamagra prices vary in different countries. In Australia the jelly goes at around 5 to 7 dollars for pack of seven. The 100 mg tablets costs about 4 to7 dollars.

Kamagra online

There is enough information about kamagra, when you go direct to any search engine like Chrome or Mozilla and type kamagra you will retrieve a lot of information. So there is no reason as to why you must not satisfy your partner, you can get facts online and make your marriage successful.

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