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Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors also referred to as (SSRIs) are a group of medications used to assist in helping adult men aged 18 to 64 with a commonly known problem, premature ejaculation. One such particular medicine with an active ingredient called dapoxetine it is called Priligy.

Buy cheap Priligy online

Priligy also known as a urological medicine, it has been known to work on helping sustaining sexual arousal without early release, in doing so sustaining a longer period of time during sexual intimacy.Thus allowing better chances of preventing premature ejaculation, while still maintaining a pleasurable experience. In dealing with a sexual dysfunction, such as P.E. choosing the right option can be difficult, however can also be very treatable. Prilligy is a possibly the remedy. As many other medications dealing with sexual dysfunctions, this one is prescription only and patients have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify, to see if they are a good candidate for this treatment option. After consulting a physician that deems this to be the right course of action for the person, a prescription is provided with a leaflet that contains all the information that a patient needs to know.

Side effects

All common and uncommon side effects, a list of every medication that is a contraindication to Priligy, and any risks that may occur. After going over the obvious safety warning such as contacting a medical professional should you have questions, the medication is directly prescribed to you and should not be given to anyone else it could be harmful, it then goes into the important aspects of taking the medication responsibly.The leaflet goes on to explain what Priligy contains, how to take it properly,and what you need to know before using it. It’s recommended to start with 30mg which can be raised to 60mg tablets, it can be taken with or without food and should be taken 1 to 3 hours previous to sexual activity, not to be taken more than once every 24 hours or everyday, take with a full glass of water and how to store the medication properly. The leaflet goes on to say if you have certain conditions or are taking conflicting medications not to take Priligy.

The conditions mentioned were heart problems such as heart rhythm, an allergy to dapoxetine or any other ingredients listed, mania, or depression, a history of fainting spells, and severe or moderate liver problems. Precautions and warnings are also listed reminding patients to be mindful of any other medical diagnosed disorders and medications that may cause severe side effects. Crucial side effects should be reviewed thoroughly not just the common but uncommon as well. Always consult a doctor with all information before attempting using Priligy for treatment, but most importantly is to stop taking the medications and seek medical attention. Physicians insist that patients keep the leaflet because it may be important to read over it again. Not recommended for elderly men over 65 women, adolescents or children. Researching Priligy is the route a patient should take, being educated on your options for treatment is a good place to start.

Websites for purchase seem to be out of the country, however it looks like cheap generic Priligy can be purchased online in the Australia.

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